Dim Out & Black Out Curtains

Treat yourself with a good night’s sleep with our black out or dim out curtains. You might wonder what the difference is between the two? In summary, a fabric with ‘Dimout’ will provide a significant reduction of light transmission (70-90%) while a blackout fabric, will block 100% of light transmission through the fabric.

We usually recommend to choose dimout curtains as they often fall more beautiful than blackout curtains, the dimout can also be hung as a wave or pleated curtain. Blackout curtains are mostly hung as pleated curtains due to the thick fabric.

We have plenty fabrics to choose from when it comes to dimout or blackout fabrics. Please ask us for more information or visit our showroom.

When you buy curtains from Gardinex Marbella, the curtains are custom made to your measures. Everything such as rails, hooks and other accessories are included, as well as the installation of your curtains.